ACTV recently made a shift in its corporate direction. Originally known as Asian Culture TV, ACTV will continue to produce its staples of Asian-themed programming, like Asian News, which incorporates Asian ethnic communities including Vietnamese, Thai and Laotians, FIL-AM News, Culture Clash and Music Asia. ACTV has expanded its current mainstream programming. In addition to Shannon’s Life with Style, Home Sweet Home with Melody Mojica, VegasVibes with Esmeralda Padilla-Gould, and Under The Vegas Sun with Steve Schorr, ACTV is prepping to roll out programs aimed at the mainstream market. ACTV US Corporation, a Nevada State-registered C Corp which owns and operates ACTV, recently unraveled its new slogan: The Mainstream Asian Network. ACTV’s President & CEO, Carl Magno said that ACTV’s new corporate slogan is multi-faceted. He said, while ACTV carries a natural viewership base of Asian-Americans and Global Asians, ACTV is headquartered in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, which is undeniably a Global Brand. Even now, there’s a growing interest from mainstream viewers, content providers, sponsors, and advertisers who understand how big the Asian population is locally and globally.


ACTV will launch a new 24/7 service – ACTV MANDARIN, an Independently-operated Network, owned and operated by Asian Culture Alliance (ACA), a 5o1c3 Non-profit Foundation with Cavin Fung, Chairman and President, at the helm.

Already in beta-testing mode, ACTV MANDARIN will feature the best of Asian stories in the Mandarin Language. Set to launch in Q4 2020, ACTV MANDARIN will capture the essence and programming directions of ACTV, except for the use of the Mandarin Language to slowly but surely convey the message to about a billion Chinese potential viewers worldwide whose native tongue is Mandarin.

ACTV will remain an all-English Network and will continue to work with all of the Asian ethnic communities in America, encouraging everyone to share the richness of their respective cultures through engaging and informative programs.

Both Networks will follow a strict guideline of “clean, wholesome, family-oriented and positive” programming, with no sex, violence, and foul language. Programs must promote love and respect for all cultures, ethnicity, race, color, age, gender, religious and political affiliation.

The man behind the move to create 2 independently run Networks is Edgardo “Guy” Rendon, a creative, technical and technology master rolled into one. Guy and Carl have been partners in VASIANTV, a broadcast content provider and distributor, since 2008, and continually helped ACTV in the background since it launched in 2017. Recently however, Guy has accepted the role as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of ACTV US CORPORATION. His primary role is to oversee the timely migration of the Network from 1 to 2 and for the 2 Networks to monetize their respective contents through the millions of viewers in ROKU, KODI, AMAZON FIRE TV, VIMEO, ACTV and WCETV apps as well as in major social media networks.