ACTV, formerly Asian Culture TV is the only Asian-American Television Network based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was initially operated as a Joint Venture entity of Asian Culture Alliance (a 5o1c3 non-profit organization founded by Cavin Fung, and VAsianTV, a Broadcast Content provider and distributor founded by Carl Magno and Guy Rendon. It was launched on January 26, 2017. Asian Culture TV was initially broadcasting locally on over-the-air FreeTV channel 30.6. In 2018, it moved to channel 26.6 with a broader, global platform, primarily on ROKU, KODI, VIMEO and the ACTV App.

In 2019, there was a call for more mainstream programming. More and more viewers wanted to watch more programs that showcase Las Vegas and its environs. Where to go and what to do in Las Vegas, especially those who travel to Vegas and who cannot and desire not to gamble. Thus, Asian Culture TV became just ACTV and the Joint Venture entity was replaced with a corporate, for profit entity. Thus, ACTV US CORPORATION was organized in the State of Nevada. And new programs aimed at the mainstream markets were produced. And new mainstream program providers also joined in. The end of 2019 saw over 9 Million viewers watched the “live” 24/7 streams of ACTV in ROKU and KODI (ACTV LIVE), Facebook and YouTube (ACTV), on ACTVUS.COM as well as on the ACTV APP for smartphones.

The Video-on-Demand outlets of ACTV – VIMEO (ACTV), ROKU (ACTV Features), ACTV APP for smartphones and ACTVUS.COM, even fetched more views than the livestream viewers. More than 150,000 impressions and views each month registered on these VOD outlets.

The early part of 2020 even saw a surge of VOD viewers due to the COVID 19 pandemic. More people are forced to stay at home with very little to do than watch VOD programs on TV. Networks who have long invested in online streams that flow through Over-The-Top (OTT) devices such as ROKU, KODI, Youtube, Facebook, AMAZON FIRE TV, etc., just like ACTV did, are beginning to cash in on their investments.

ACTV’s thrust in 2020 is to monetize its Live and VOD content. The revenues raised from these digital advertising resources will continue to fund production of original mainstream content. And to increase the viewership as well as revenue base of ACTV, it will launch a new independent network on Q4 2020 – the ACTV MANDARIN 24/7 Network which will cater to almost a billion Mandarin speaking people all over the world. ACTV will soon be a 100% MAINSTREAM ASIAN NETWORK – and all-English programming Network.

ACTV will continue to produce Station programming and Merchandising materials in-house. ACTV offers its Production studio, equipment, and manpower only to producers wanting to air their content in the ACTV platforms. Commercial advertisers may also avail of ACTV’s production services if they wish to air their commercials in the ACTV platforms. ACTV also offers short and long form advertising as well as sponsorship opportunities either in the Station or in specific station-produced programs.